Macenas® Mediterranean Resort: where natural is extraordinary

A new concept of tourism and residential sustainability that promotes a lifestyle connected to nature, in a simple and authentic way

A destination with its own identity, where the virgin nature of Sierra Cabrera and the Mediterranean Sea converge

A way of living in connection with well-being

A community based on respect and closeness

Traveling, swimming, living, discovering, playing golf. Nothing is normal again when you have lived it in Macenas®.
This corner of Almeria is the prelude to the Cabo de Gata Park and has a natural and cultural heritage worth discovering.
Living in front of the sea, enjoying the sun every day, practicing sports in nature and playing golf with the family are the basis of the quality of life that you can find in Macenas®.
Seniors, young professionals, families with children or couples looking for their first home: everyone finds their place in Macenas®.

The main objective of the project is the renaturalisation of the area, preserving and enhancing its natural and cultural heritage


Rafael de La-Hoz


The future of Macenas® depends on ensuring its sustainability

Regenerating the natural environment through architecture

Boosting the local economy and the region’s growth

Enhancing the value of the cultural and natural heritage of Macenas®

Through real initiatives that create positive impact and turn Macenas® Resort into a benchmark for sustainable tourism.
With sustainable construction that uses renewable energy, makes responsible use of water and reduces environmental impact.
Making the people and businesses of our land develop hand in hand with this project.
So that our wealth is preserved and can be enjoyed by our neighbors and visitors.


Running, playing, breathing, swimming, flowing. At Macenas ® you get in touch with your true well-being. Here, you can savor small moments that become extraordinary.



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Macenas® Golf: a new course concept designed by Stirling & Martin. With an integrated botanical garden

It will be a sustainable 18-hole Executive golf course that will seek maximum landscape integration with the environment, thanks to the use of native species of flora. In addition, 100% recycled water will be used for irrigation.


The Social Club will be the meeting point within the resort, where the sea views and its Mediterranean design will create the perfect setting.
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